Szerbia, Vajdaság

Roam-like-at-home in the Western Balkans candidate countries

2017. 12. 12.

,,The ,,roam like at home” rule was one of the most significant success stories of the EU this year. Now we have to take it one step further by expanding it to the Western Balkan candidate states already during the accession negotiations.

By cancelling the roaming charges we could reach out to every citizen of the Western Balkan region, proving to them that the EU’s commitment to enlargement is sincere.

This would be beneficial to the economies too, through market integration and better services. Telecommunications and connectivity are the driving forces of development, which is heavily needed in the region.

The first bilateral steps were already taken by Bulgaria, Macedonia and Serbia, but we need a Europe-wide approach. Therefore I am calling on the Commission to draw up its special road-map as soon as possible.”